Maxim Shteygervald: Director VC

CFA, Head of Investment Department at one of the most active Early-Stage VC Funds.

15+ years of experience in the field of investment.

Maxim serves as Head of Investment Department at Internet Initiatives Development Fund – the largest early-stage venture capital firm in Russia and CIS, which invested in 450+ early-stage startups. (100+ co-investors in companies executed 30+ EXITs).

Previously, a Partner in international financial companies operating in developing markets with a high return performance.Maxim closed deals of more than USD3 billion in the TMT market (MTV and other companies). Maxim created from scratch and restructured 4 investment funds. Served as a Specialist of Business Alliance Investment Company (2001-2007).

Maxim undertook an analysis of investment efficiency, company valuation, development of mechanisms for transformation of companies for M&A, and negotiating with investors. With a focus on real sector assets, Maxim supported the formation of BI at bankrupt enterprises, search for optimization points of processes and expenses of companies, as well as the implementation of programs for a reorganization of bankrupt enterprises.

Maxim passed CAIA exams and is working on PhD in VC field.

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