Welcome To Makara Capital


The development of infrastructure and its corresponding investment is a growing priority for governments driven by the need to replace and expand infrastructure. However, the realization of such projects has become increasingly difficult due to a general reduction in traditional public funding and weakened economic conditions in many regions of the world.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of infrastructure projects in terms of size, scope and complexity, a comprehensive approach to structuring and financing is key to success. The aim is to align incentives for all stakeholders, whilst ensuring commercial viability, financial discipline as well as effective modalities of risk and return distribution.  The Public-private partnership (PPP) model, for instance, has proven to be essential in attracting the private sector to co-finance and co-share project risks with the local governments.

With local roots and global reach, we leverage Singapore’s ‘smart’ urbanization and infrastructure ecosystem and connect our clients with strategic financial and operational players having proven expertise in developing overseas smart-city projects, townships, economic zones, bioscience facilities, marine and infrastructure developments, residential and recreational amenities, among others.

Our Clients

Our clients include leading international government and private stakeholders including corporates and business families.

Our Services

We provide customized advice and support across a diverse range of infrastructure projects from the perspective of financing, investment and structuring.

Strong demand and detailed infrastructure planning are not along sufficient to initiate projects.  Essential is the mobilisation of relevant expertise and resources to translate plans into commercially viable projects.

With a strong international track-record, our team’s collective qualifications include: strategy, economics, and investments, corporate finance, structuring bankable finance packages, developing compelling business cases, risk assessment and mitigation as well as project management and planning.

Our services include:

  • Advising from a structuring and financing perspective to enhance project bankability, align stakeholders and manage risk
  • Providing project financing support
  • Enabling a public-private partnership approach as an effective mechanism to unlock value, as applicable
  • Introducing business and operational partners as catalyst for future business initiatives
  • Leveraging in-house research and analytics capabilities