Welcome To Makara Capital


The global energy sector represents a wide range of challenges and opportunities in the face of rising global energy demand and a changing regulatory environment. The market’s enormous size and disaggregated structure further present lucrative prospects in the near and longer term. By deploying a targeted investment and structuring approach, we work with our clients and partners to carve out niche market opportunities and pursue differentiated strategies to create value.

In designing our service offering, we capitalize our experience of 40 years in the Oil and Gas, LNG, Power, and emissions sectors (encompassing physical and financial) both in regulated and unregulated international markets across varied markets from Singapore to the Middle East, the Western Hemisphere, and Europe.

Having managed varied physical asset and trading portfolios in the energy and environmental commodity markets, we have expertise across all stages of the energy value chain from project development in upstream production to asset operations, marketing, and trading.

Makara Capital adheres to the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).


Our Clients & Partners

Our clients and partners include leading international government and private stakeholders including corporates and business families.


Our Services

We are committed to working actively with our clients and partners to better understand their objectives, assess differentiated transactions and assist them achieve their desired outcomes.

With a view to unlocking value through strategic cooperation, our engagement model is devised in consideration of relevant stakeholders and is bolstered by the expertise of our professionals, each possessing the technical skill sets needed to achieve our goals in these areas.

Our services include strategy and advisory, investment, hedging and trade advisory.